Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hairdresser in Berlin

Finding a hairdresser in Berlin or anywhere else in Germany is relatively easy. You can almost find at every corner of the street or I would say every 1 km or less from your office, house or whatever you name it. There are so many choices to go to your hairdresser (in German: Friseur). They come at all different price range, from 7.50euro to 50euro per cut for men or more if you go to the star hairdresser. I am sure when Bradpitt or George Clooney comes to Berlin before his movie opening or Berlinal Film Festival, he would need his hair in style. However, I will talk about star hairdresser for today as I cannot afford to go too.
I have tried a few hairdressers here in Berlin since my move. However, some are just fine and some I would never go back again. One of my favorite hairdresser I go every haircut since last year is Herr Hasel (Mr. Hasel). The nice things I like about them are their friendliness and attention to details. Well, I cannot complain if I go to a haircut for 10€ per cut if I do not get the style what I suppose to have. Another nice thing of my hairdresser is the fact that they don’t accept booking on phone. So you can be spontaneous but need to be early enough to catch the place. Otherwise you will be in the long list as well. Well, the German loves everything in order and very neat work that is why even hairdresser, you need to book days or weeks ahead and place it in your calendar. Phew…. sound stressful. Yes it is if you really need to find a good hairdresser fit your style. 

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