Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kalachakra Stupa near Velez Malaga / Spain

This stupa was built in 1994 under guidance of Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche, in the south of Spain. It was the first stupa assisted by Tsechu Rinpoche, a stupa he considered to be the “Mother stupa”, for the other stupas in the west. It is located in a Diamond Way Buddhist (Karma Kagyu) centre, and designed by Woitek Kossowski, who was the architect of the project. It was constructed in the period from July 18 to September 12, 1994. It is 13 meters high and covers a ground area of 49 square meters. Inside it are relics from the present and former Buddhas, the complete Kanjur and Tanjur (all Buddhas teachings and commentaries). At the time it was built, it was only the third of its kind in the world. This stupa has eyes painted on it, a Nepalese custom also seen on the famous Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu.

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