Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Picture of the Day: Berlin Main Train Station

Berlin at night. Well, to be honest, when there is such a cold day and raining, what do I expect to take a nice clear sky or romantic sunset or sunrise?? It is not quite sure which day you get that lucky moment to capture. Unless, night photography, you can enjoy it all. The matter is your commitment to stay longer and wait till the dark and find the nice subject for your shot. Sound complicated. No. Find a local place where you think it would be an interesting subject to you shot and try it out. You never know a boring subject at day time or something you oversee, but could be interesting for night photography. As I mention on a few post already, night photography, you need some tools for it to make your image enough crystal clear and not being spoiled by the camera shake. 
Tools I need for this shooting are:
1. Tripod: Get a good tripod. You need a steady tripod which could hold your camera weight.
2. DSLR Camera: Mine is Nikon D7000
3. Neutral Density Filter: No
4. Remote Shutter Release Cable: Yes

Camera Setting here:
ISO: 100
F.Stop: F.14-18
Shutter Mode: Manual Mode (M)
Shutter Speed: 20'

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