Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Restaurant review: Monsieur Vuong, Berlin

This time I want to try out another Vietnamese restaurant - Monsieur Vuong - a Vietnamese star chef here in the middle of Berlin. I've been in the city for almost a year and heard from friends and colleagues about it - was not really a chance to check it out. Today is the best excuse to come and find out.

The location is great - Berlin Mitte - along Alte Schönhauser Straße which belong to the designer corner and Berlin Häckescher Markt. The entrance is designed like you enter into a theatre. Two fold front door and red curtain.

Coming in, you smell aroma from the kitchen and the feeling of Asian paradise holiday. It's present at the first glance you enter the restaurant. The kitchen is at the left corner of the entrance where you can see how fresh and your dish be prepared. The right side is decorated like a cocktail and exotic bar where all tropical fruits are displayed. The interior design is a mixture of modern and tradition - red orange wall.

Out of curiosity - I am an early bird but too early then the opening time. Well, to be honest, I forget checking out the opening time but just thought, they should be opened by 11.30am. Never mind - they let you in. It is good to see that staff in this restaurant have a chance to get their breakfast before the working hour start. Look like a staff friendly environment. Well, it's visible. Staff are really friendly and customer oriented. Nice job!!! Well, I guess that is what Mr. Vuong wants to present.

So my brunch is Pho Hanoi (7.80€), a classic Vietnamese espresso with ice (3.80€) and a banana putting (4.00€). Complete set. The Pho - to be honest- is the best and well-balanced soup. You don't need any sauce or seasoning extra except I love spicy - which they have well-made fresh chilli sauce with fish sauce. The Vietnamese expresso is consisted of black coffee with condense milk and a few cube of ice. Typically Vietnamese. Banana putting is a great combination of banana, roasted peanut, sesame, coconut milk and vanilla aroma. Nice combination except a bit sweeter than I thought. Fine though.

They have both menu which you can choose from the card or daily offer from the board.

To read more: http://www.mentrendtoday.com/monsieur-vuong.html

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