Monday, February 9, 2015

Searching for Antique?? Come to Tiergarten Flea Market in Berlin

Looking for old painting for a few euro?? You never know what those painting have to offer. Like on a recent auction of the 19th century landscape paining of John Constable which originally sold for about $5,000 and now auction at Sotheby at $5.2 Million. Like a jackpot – isn’t it. Well, not every painting worth that much and someone has that luck. Rare probability. Or when you have no interest on painting but looking for something else like ancient ceramic teapot, old comic books, vintage clothes and anything similar of those?? Well, Berlin has offered a great choice - The weekend flea market. There are several market in this category open regularly at the weekend. One of those I visit this weekend is the original flea market at the Tiergarten. (S-bahn: Tiergarten) 

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