Saturday, February 7, 2015

"The Tibetan Buddhism" by Lama Jigmela Rinpoche

Just finished another book, which I really enjoyed a lot. "The Tibetan Buddhism" (Der Tibetische Buddhismus - Schlüsselwörter von A bis Z) by Lama Jigmela Rinpoche. In alphabetical order different topics related to Tibetan Buddhism are explained. And in fact not only readers new to Buddhism can learn from this, but also Buddhists who practice for many years. I enjoyed every single topic, some of them really had an influence on my view. For example some statement regarding the Karmapa conflict, or about the Islam and stories about the 16th Karmapa, his black pills, by an eye witness who was brought up by him left some deep impact. Great book, I am grateful to Lama Jigmela Rinpoche for his clear, straightforward words and teachings.

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