Monday, February 16, 2015

Up-Cycling in Berlin: O.K Versand

I happen to encounter this shop after lunch walking. I know there are some enough upcycling or recycling shops in Berlin. But I did not have a chance to get to know them. This time I did. Here at O.K Versand (literally mean mail order) - in the Hackerscher Markt designer area - on the Alte Schönhauser street.

It catches my attention when I saw a metal bowl soup at front display - something from the 1980s and a left over of a war-torn country - and of which remind me of my Cambodian grandmother. I feel all of the sudden that I have to dig it deep and look inside. Oh my God. I cannot believe this. Not just the bowl soup I see at the front display but there are many things to rewind my childhood memories. Something which does not exist anymore in Asian culture due to globalisation and young generation use anything westernisation products and design including me.

Many stuff here are mostly from South East Asian region and Africa. The dinner mattress - which is used as a floor in many Asian countries when you have family lunch or dinner - are also sold it here. They have both recycle and upcyle products here. These products are mostly sold in the original region as a typically local used materials - not for export oriented concepts - and I do not expect anything like this to be sold in our western shopping. But seem there are enough fan otherwise they would not have a shop in the middle of designer corner. There are many things interesting to see here if you are interested in Asian or African culture. Very recommended.  Go and check it out !!!

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