Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Coffee and Cake: Lotus Lounge

Another nice coffee and cake at the weekend to explore in Berlin. There are plenty in Berlin. But when it comes to convenience and comfort - especially at weekend- I go to a place where I feel absolutely almost like home. Such a place I would like to come from time to time.

Lotus Lounge is in the district of Chalottenburg and somewhere in the direction to Berlin Spandau. It is a coffee shop belong to the buddhist group, Rigpa Center. Don't worry. It open to public and everyone is welcomed.

It is quite easy accessible with S-bahn Westend - 10 minutes walk or less. The location is quiet and no one really notice if you do not know any buddhist friends or used to be there before. It is quite not visible to public. When you enter from the main entrance, it is at the backside.

They have a good choice of cake and coffee with a nice and warm welcome atmosphere. Attached to the coffee place is a shop - for buddhism and literature. Don't be bothered by that if you are not a buddhist. The place offers a nice range of vegan, vegetarian and normal small brunch like, coffee and cake. At late spring or summer time, the outdoor terrace is a place you can enjoy the sun and delicious coffee and cake. The cake recipe is seasonal but whatever they offer, you gonna enjoy it.

Above the coffee place is the Rigpa Buddhist center where members come for meditation and lecture. The golden Buddha statue inside the building is the largest one I have ever seen here in Germany if not in Europe.

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