Friday, February 27, 2015

Why I decided to become a Vegetarian

Since Sunday I did some further changes to my nutrition. I decided to become Vegetarian. Don’t worry, I will not try to convince any of my friends to stop eating meat or start posting like crazy about this topic. It is a personal, individual decision, if someone wants to eat meat or not. Right now in my personal development I just reached a level, where for me personally it just feels not right and good anymore to eat meat. I have different reasons for making this decision and just would like others to respect my decision same as I respect their freedom to eat whatever they want.

"Protecting life is naturally engaging in respecting animal rights, human rights, protecting the environment, and so on. If everyone were to respect all lives and were to protect them, there would be no famine, no outbreak of animal plague and bird flu; there would be peace, health, longevity, prosperity, and happiness in the world. These days vegetarianism is gaining in popularity and I’m happy for that. I personally think it is a sign of some kind of positive trend in the world for greater peace, happiness, and spiritual understanding.“

Wangchen Rinpoche, from the Book "Buddhist Fasting Practice“

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