Saturday, March 21, 2015

Preparing for a new dimension of EC events

In seven years of running the Europe Center, we have had the pleasure of facing a challenge or two concerning running bigger events. We learned to do our best to make it possible for everyone to come and enjoy, and we also developed confidence and trust that no matter how big the challenge, at the end of the event, pretty much everyone has had a magnificent time.

And of course, just like every other Buddhist center, we put extra effort in making everything even more shiny in time for the Lamas’ arrivals. Because of the capacities of the new building and Lama Ole’s physical absence for more than five months, hundreds of people from all over the world registered for the event, looking forward to seeing their Lama again.

So after weeks of organizational meetings preparing for the Transmission Weekend “Entering the Diamond Way” with Lama Ole and an unprecedented number of his students, we took to action with the help of many: refurnishing, cleaning, polishing, labeling, planning, preparing Lama Ole’s birthday cake and 200 more cakes (using 1500 eggs…), meditating – and having a very joful time together with our traditional pub quiz.

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