Sunday, March 29, 2015

Transmission Weekend “Entering The Diamond Way” – The Team

No matter how good the preparations and organization up front: something like this big Transmission Weekend would not be possible without pretty much everyone coming taking over a voluntary job or two to help run the event.

To name but a few of the tasks: waking hundreds of people up in time for morning meditation (not a very popular job…), cleaning thousands of square meters several times per day, tidying clothes racks and shoe shelves, welcoming and directing the guests, chopping veggies, cooking, cleaning the dishes, running the cafeteria, serving the meals, organizing the garbage, selling in the shop, making announcements, organizing the parking space, shuttling 1500 people up and down to their cars and the train station, registering the guests, taking care of the cash boxes, taking care of the sleeping halls in town, setting up audio, video and streaming equipment, taking pictures for this blog … just to give you an idea.

So we cannot help ourselves but to very much thank every single one of you amazing helpers for your contribution to make this Transmission Weekend such a success. You just rock!

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