Sunday, March 29, 2015

Transmission Weekend “Entering The Diamond Way” – The Breaks

There was one thing we really wished for prior to the Transmission Weekend – sunny weather, which would enable everyone to spend time outside and simply spread out across the grounds of the EC. Well – we got a sun eclipse to watch on Friday, but then the cloudy skies delivered everything from fog to rain and snow over the weekend!

However – with a lot of creativity, flexibility, patience and joy, everyone got their delicious meals, found a (sometimes rather unusual) place to eat, and simply made the best of the breaks in between the lectures with Lama Ole and the Diamond Way teachers: talking to old and new friends from the other end of the world while queuing for food or coffee, meditating, circumambulating the stupa, grabbing some mini jobs to help running the event, and, and, and…

Looking at the happy faces and the feedback we got, everyone had a great weekend that showed clearly how important it is that we have our new, bigger Europe Center now, and how much joy it brings along!

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