Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 10 – Summer Course Impressions

Good to let someone with a fresh view on things describe his Europe Center experience! Here’s an extract of a first time visitor – thank you for sharing these touching impressions with us, Tokpa!

“The Europe Center was ablaze today – the heat mounting as the day wore on and yet the unswayable joyous spirit of everyone here was remarkable, unstoppable, undeniable, and beyond pleasant everywhere you turn to look. You are always greeted with the famous bright smile, a cold drink or something fun and tasty to eat, and of course the traditional head bump that they’re all known for. The environment feels like a mix of Woodstock and Bodh Gaya, with people literally spilling out of every space imaginable, guitars and tents, shirtless men, campgrounds that extent for miles, music blaring from the kitchen as they groove out and dance while they serve and prepare the meals; it’s like another planet. A highly motivating, drum jam session, devotee laden planet where everyone is practicing together, eating together, enjoying the sun and shade, and genuinely having a ridiculously good time – at all times. The gompa is full of practitioners doing their prostrations, while families cruise around with their kids in strollers, everyone in any age group, from anywhere, with any style is welcomed and accepted here – as the crowds come pouring out after a teaching session the vast array of both age and culture is like melting pot for all.

The sense of Dharma and connectivity here is so strong – the combination of real practice and real fun seems to be a recipe that I have yet to see anywhere else. While the sun is blazing outside, the masses gathered here are generating Bodhicitta in all directions, for all beings, with a unique and Europe Center style that only they seem to know how to do. Dharma can indeed be like a rock concert, there is no age limit or prerequisites here – just come with your mind open and your heart free and this place will do the rest.”

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