Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 12 – Welcome to The Pirates’ Bay!

While the parents are meditating or attending the lectures, their kids at all ages are definitely having a great time at the Summer Course as well!

In four big tents, there is lots of space for all kinds of activity in any weather, run by a highly motivated, multilingual team of caretakers, supported by parents doing voluntary shifts. The little “tigers and lions” are well taken care of by professional babysitters in the baby tent, there is a cozy “snoozle room” to tell stories for the 4-6 year olds. Next to the “Dragon Island” tent of the 7-9 year old there is a “creativity tent” with the opportunity to do handicrafts, painting and be creative. And then there is the “Black Pearl” with an “activity tent” which is located next to the 10-12y. Here we have space for sports, dancing and just being wild!

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