Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend with Lama Ole Nydahl

Finally!!! After some months of focusing on traveling and retreat, Lama Ole Nydahl returned to the Europe Center this weekend for a three day course. And as expected, hundreds of friends came from all over the globe to receive teachings.

After a lecture on Friday night, Lama Ole and his students spent Saturday meditating together, followed by Mahamudra teachings and lots of time to ask questions. The weekend ends the Meditation Days, where many students gathered at the EC for concentrated practice together during the week preceding the event.

Behind the scenes

A weekend with more than 1.000 people attending the lectures by Lama Ole Nydahl obviously needs more than a bit of preparation and constant action “behind the scenes” – here’s just some of our unsung heroes making it all possible.

It all started weeks before with the coordinators meeting several times to prepare for the weekend. Planning the cooking, doing the grocery ordering and shopping, building up a big extra tent for the shoes and baggage, shuttling up and down the EC hill for days, organizing the flow of people for entering and exiting the gompa and queuing for food, taking care to keep everything clean all over the place, registering hundreds of friends for the event, selling things and giving information in the Dharma shop, taking pictures for this blog and the EC Facebook page, serving friends food, coffee and drinks almost around the clock… just to name a few.

Big thanks to the team and to all the wonderful guests who offered to take over a mini-job or two at the event’s job center – you are just wonderful!!

PS:: Oh, and then there was some very secret and even more joyful preparation going on as well – rehearsing the dance for the flash mob on Sunday, which the EC team performed as a surprise to thank all the visitors with for the great time we had with them once again!

Travel report with Tomek

In the run-up to the big weekend with Lama Ole Nydahl, his close longterm student Tomek Lehnert gave a report on their recent tour to Nepal.

Maniwa Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche performed a fire puja and gave the Long Life Empowerment to Lama Ole Nydahl at the Maratika cave in north-eastern Nepal. In this place, Guru Rinpoche (skt. Padmasambhava) and his female consort Mandarawa received the Long Life empowerment from Buddha Tsepame and realized the meditation practice.