Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another Warm Welcome – This Time to Lopon Dorji Rinchin

Lopon Dorji Rinchin, a high Lama from the Kingdom of Bhutan, was warmly received by Jigme Rinpoche and Lama Ole Nydahl today. Invited by Lama Ole, Lopon came to give the empowerment into Guru Rinpoche (skt. Padmasambhava).

Lama Ole showed Lopon Dorji Rinchen around the Europe Center, from the stupa via the gompa up to the new building, which he also resides in during his stay. In the evening Jigme Rinpoche gave high teachings in the packed gompa tent.

Lopon Dorji Rinchin is one of the 5 meditation masters of the royal family of Bhutan and a learned Buddhist scholar. With the title Tshoke Lopon, he is the second highest ranked Lopon of the Kingdom of Bhutan. He has been a principal, lecturer, and meditation master at various Buddhist universities in Bhutan.

So how come Lopon could make time to come to Europe despite all his commitments? Actually, it is thanks to the Bhutanese or Tibetan Calendar, which is adjusted every three years by doubling the 7th month. This was the case this year, so Lopon had a whole month extra which he is using to teach in Europe for three weeks! We are very grateful to the Eastern calculation of times for this! :)

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