Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inernational Summer Course 2016 – Day 1

Welcome home, World! The Summer Course is off to a great start – with a public lecture by Diamond Way teacher Karola B. Schneider from Schwarzenberg.

Along with hundreds  of Buddhists from across the globe who traveled here for the course, many interested people from the surrounding area came to listen to Karola’s introductory talk about Diamond Way Buddhism, joined a common meditation and took a guided tour of the event premises and the Europe Center buildings before the lecture.

For those interested in Buddhism and the Europe Center who missed out on this lecture, feel free to join us for one of the public evenings (in German language) with explanations and meditation each Thursday after the course – all year around at 7pm.

We don’t know how many of the listeners enjoyed the unusual “rain” of falling stars in the sky above the stupa afterwards, but we do have some breathtaking impressions from our EC’s Stupa of Long Life at night for you just in case!

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