Saturday, August 13, 2016

More Mahamudra Teachings and Presentations with Lama Ole

Following an afternoon of inspiring presentations by Diamond Way Buddhist Centers and whole countries around the world, Lama Ole gave more precious Mahamudra teachings.

For centuries masters of the Kagyu lineage have taught the Great Seal in a variety of ways ranging from more systematic and gradual to intensely direct and experiential. Lama Ole delivers these teachings in a fresh and spontaneous manner that is both accessible and in keeping with the style and authenticity of the colorful Kagyu tradition.

‘The Ultimate Supreme Path of Mahamudra’ is another highly regarded text originally given by Lama Shang (or Lama Zhang), a charismatic, larger-than-life, and enlightened spiritual teacher. Lama Shang was also a highly effective military and political leader during a turbulent time in 12th century Tibet. He, like Lama Ole, was known to teach in a simple, straightforward and accessible way.

To understand the Great Seal is to know the inseparability of subject, object and the interaction in between. By meditating on enlightened Buddha forms of energy and light, “we understand we can only see this perfection outside because we have the seed of it inside all the time,” according to Lama Ole.

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