Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our Wonderful Teachers…

… as usual made the most of their days, giving lectures and empowerments, meditating, getting to know the Europe Center and meeting their students.

On Monday we said goodbye to Lopon Dorji Rinchen Rinpoche. However, the goodbye was kind of easier than expected because Rinpoche had generously accepted Lama Ole’s invitation to come back to the EC as soon as possible – which is actually already next weekend. Lopon will then give the empowerment of the Buddha of Long Life (Skt. Amitayus, Tib. Tsepame) and the Buddha of Limitless Light (Skt. Amitabha, Tib. Öpame) to us.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche took the time to check out the course’s Dharma shops as well the beautiful new statues and thangkas (tibetan scroll paintings) on offer for the Buddhist center’s altars.

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