Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Welcome Home, Lama Ole!

Things are a bit different this year during the Summer Course – because a few weeks ago, Lama Ole followed the advice of his teachers in the East to spend the rest of the year in retreat, which includes only the big courses in Europe with one lecture per day.

So even more students then originally expected took the chance to see their Lama and came to the Europe Center to attend his afternoon lectures and more of the program. In the mornings, evenings and nights, Lama Ole is doing his meditation practice in his retreat room. During this time, his students also follow the motto of this year’s course: taking what we have learned over the years “from the head to the bones” by gaining more meditative experience. On top, there are lectures and panels with Diamond Way teachers in the evenings.

Amongst other meetings, there was a get together of international friends in the meet & connect area of the dining tent, collecting creative input and ideas for the Europe Center and its worldwide connections.

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